A dense program spread over two days to allow both the smooth running of the Budapest championships and the Budapest Open international meeting, the latter being on Saturday only.

Call room

Please note that you have to be present in the call room before your event starts.

22nd May 2021


The time table is provisionary and subject to change according to the number of entries.


14:00100 m hurdles heatswomen(84) 13-8,50-10,50
14:00High Jumpwomen
14:35110 m hurdles heatsmen(106) 13,72-9,14-14,02
14:50100 m heatswomen
15:00Long Jumpmen
15:20100 m heatsmen
16:00Opening ceremony
16:05Hammer Throwwomen4 kg
16:05100 m Hurdles womenFinal (84)
16:30Javelin Throwwomen600 gr
16:30Pole Vaultmen
16:35110 m Hurdles menFinal (106)
16:45100 m womenFinal
16:50100 m menFinal
17:00Long Jumpwomen
17:10800 m time trialmen
17:25800 m time trialwomen
17:40Hammer Throw - Sándor Vörös Memorialmen7,26 kg
17:50200 m time trialmen
18:00Javelin Throwmen800 gr
18:20200 m time trialwomen