The EAP Circuit

Budapest Open: proud to be an EAP meeting!

In 2012, won over by the principles and values conveyed by the Events for Athletics Promotion circuit, the Budapest Open steering committee decided to apply, under the impetus of Mrs. Tímea TÉGLÁSSY.

Immediately Mr. Péter Korompai, President of the Budapest association, and Mr. László SÁTOR, General secretary make every effort so that their project can correspond to the project.

The first edition of the meeting was launched in 2013.

Year after year Budapest Open has played an important role in the development of the EAP and in particular in the improvement, at European level, of the quality criteria of the member meetings of the circuit. Mrs. Tímea TÉGLÁSSY is head of the Quality Meeting Program (QMP).

Equally important in the identity of the meeting is its adherence to the Code of Conduct as well as to the I Run Clean® certification program and awareness of Safeguarding information.

Events for Athletics Promotion (EAP)

The international organisation “Events for Athletics Promotion (EAP)" is a non-profit and apolitical organisation, created in 1990. It brings together organizers of meetings and international athletics events.