COVID-19 safety regulations

Rules of entering and leaving Hungary

Non-Hungarian citizens arriving for international sports events or cultural events may also enter Hungary without restriction if they possess a negative PCR test result performed within 3 days prior to entry and an authentic ticket for the event in question, are able to present these upon entry, and agree to undergo medical screening, which does not show any suspicion of infection.
Such foreign citizens are obliged to leave the country within 72 hours of entry.

  • The Budapest Athletics Federation will provide an invitation letter to each participant once we have their complete registration and flight details.
  • There is a possibility to take PCR test right next to the hotel and at the airport.



PCR-test before leaving Hungary

If you need a PCR-test before you leave the country, you can book an appointment at Whitelab.

  • Westend (15 minutes walk from the hotel) and
  • Újpalota (15 minutes from the hotel, 11 minutes from the track by car)

are the closest options.

Presidentary decree


Budapest Athletics Federation

Mr. Péter Korompai, president of the Budapest Athletics Federation makes the following decree in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and the emergency measures taken in Hungary for the competitions organized in the Capital:

From 30th April 2021 until withdrawal the participation of foreign athletes under 18 years is not allowed in the competitions and championships organized by the Federation. Participants who are at legal age according to the Hungarian law can take their own responsibility for participating in the competition despite the pandemic situation.

Accordingly the Federation cannot allow the participation of athletes younger than 18 years.

The Budapest Athletics Federation asks for the acceptance and observation of this decree.

Budapest, 26th April 2021.

Mr. Péter Korompai
President of Budapest Athletics Federation